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Partenaire Sécurité

ESET began its life as a pioneer in antivirus protection, creating an award-
winning antivirus detection software.
From now on, ESET's objective is to ensure that the world has access to the best
opportunities that technology can offer.
Today, our security solutions enable companies and individuals in more than 200
countries and territories to protect their IT world.
ESET focuses on its next 100 awards

After achieving a first in the IT industry – winning a hundred VB100 awards for
malware detection – ESET will honour this achievement by continuing its quest to
help you take full advantage of the technology.

The ESET vision
We enable our users to enjoy their full potential and technologies in a secure
IT world.
The ESET mission
Working with passionate people from all over the world, we are building a
safer technological environment that everyone can enjoy. We are able to do
this through education and our commitment to research and development.
Our commitment to you
We believe in technology – and we want to make sure you enjoy it safely.