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Start-up are poorly ready for GDPR.

ComputerWeek publish the result of a Pool on 4.000 Startup companies.

The pool consit to know to admit to collectiong Personal Data :


UK : 48%

France : 13%

The average GDPR-readiness score was 4.1 out of 10, with the banking and insurance sector scoring the highest (4.4) and construction and real estate scoring the lowest (3.2), according to the survey commissioned by email service provider Mailjet, that also included respondents from startups in the US (7%), Belgium (4%) and Germany (3%).

The proportion of startups collecting personal data from their clients is highest in the banking and insurance sector (93%) and lowest in the hospitality and tourism sector (85%). With only 8% difference across all sectors, however, it appears that personal data collection is at the core of most startups’ business.

You can read the full article on this adresse : http://www.computerweekly.com/news/252433683/Two-thirds-of-startups-ill-prepared-for-GDPR

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